The Week That Was

Recap 1923

Major Retailers Still Risk Bankruptcy. The trend continues into 2017with retailers still struggling to get a handle on where consumers are heading, besides online.  Wow, read a piece that indicated we may not know Where Were Your Louis Vuitton Shoes Made? TCC comes down on the side of quality and workmanship, matter more. Fashion Legend Carla Fendi Dies in Rome, who can't remember their first Fendi. Fox Networks Group to Run Six-Second Ads, this was inevitable. Perhaps attention spans are not what they use to be.  Political in nature Lunchtime LOL - Stephen Colbert , but this was funny!  James Corden Pleading for Media Coverage Diversity, TCC isn't sure if the media will hear him. Ratings are going through the roof for political coverage. You know what they say, money talks.... TCC stumbled upon Summer Reading for Fashion Lovers. #WinterIsHere! TRAILER: Game of Thrones Season 7. Appears Facebook Wearing Thin with Media Companies. Their current strategy for competing with Amazon isn't sitting well with publishers. MSNBC Benefiting from Trump Bump, as are the late night comedians. Have a good weekend!


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