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Happy Halloween!

Here at the ConversationCircle , when Trick or Treating, we're always up for the treat! We found this adorable (well, let's say oddly perfect dress for Halloween) Michael Lau creation we'd love to wear this tonight! But first we need to see what Heidi Klum , the Queen of Costumes is wearing this year. Go easy on the tricking and candy this weekend, but please indulge in lots a treats!

"Dior and I" Documentary On The Way

Speaking of fashion, The Orchard has acquired the U. S. and Canadian rights to  Frederic Tcheng's , who has made two previous fashion films, new film " Dior and I " which centers on Raf Simons ', who was named creative director at Dior in 2012, debut collection at Christian Dior Couture.  Simons, a  Belgian designer, was also a creative director at Jil Sander .  One of our members has always been a fan of Dior's brand elegance and style and owns a copy of " The Little Dictionary Of Fashion " by Christian Dior. It's a classic! 

Will Retailers Carry Jil Sander Again?

Rodolfo Paglialunga, the new creative director for Jil Sander, seems to be off to a rocky start and some reviewers wondered, after seeing Jil Sander Spring 2015 Ready-To-Wear, if  Paglialunga could " stay on the horse " .  If you read our blog you know we are fans of Jil Sander and some of us have made great sacrifices to purchase a few choice items. However, what sparked our interest was not finding the brand while perusing Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus websites. At our local Saks, the brand had long been pulled from the floor.  Obviously retailers are not on board with  Paglialunga's designs yet. Following Jil Sander is not easy feat. We're secretly hoping Jil Sander will return as creative director. If not,  Paglialunga will have to make us, as well as retailers, fall in love with the brand again.  Related :  Jill Sander Out Again   Odd Twist to Less is More

Can Change Come To MSNBC Too Late?

Several weeks ago according to industry reports the cable network MSNBC , (who uses the tagline "Lean Forward"), was beginning to lean back in the face of rival CNN . " The Rachel Maddow Show ", arguably the network's highest rated show (we try not to miss Rachel), posted its lowest quarterly ratings ever. "Morning Joe" posted its second lowest quarterly ratings, and the much-touted " Ronan Farrow Daily " seemed to have never drawn an audience. While MSNBC's president Phil Griffin offered reasons for MSNBC's slide, (which for the most part was "CNN is the go-to network for breaking news and we've had a lot of that recently"), it must be said that programming has a lot to do with MSNBC's ratings drop. We've thought for some time it seemed MSNBC forgot its popularity grew out of the run up to the 2008 Presidentail Election. Their audience trended older, upscale and educated, but Morning Joe seems to be tur

R.I.P Ben Bradlee

The legendary editor of The Washington Post , best known for his decision to pursue the Watergate story, Ben Bradlee has died. In addition to changing the format of the newspapers, creating what is now known as the "Style" section, Bradlee put some of who are now giants in journalism on the map. Pursuit of the true never gets old. We don't think they make editors like Bradlee anymore.

R.I.P Oscar de la Renta

Such a class act. Oscar de la Renta, dead at 82 from complications of cancer, put his stamp on more than the fashion world. Check out the New York Times obituary and slide show of the designer.

Jeff Berg's Resolution Dissolving

When legendary veteran agent and former Chairman of International Creative Management (ICM) Jeff Berg launched Resolution everyone had high expectations. Although, at the time, it had been said some of Berg's former clients wanted Berg to open a small boutique agency. After all Berg had the heavyweight clients, connections and reputation to match. Now, after requests for pay cuts forced many top agents to leave the agency, it's been reported that the talent agency has announced it's  dissolving . Apparently, Resolution's Chinese partner, Bison Capitol has not fulfilled its funding commitment. Related:  Is Resolution Becoming A Revolving Door?    UPDATE: Resolution Becoming Revolving Door  Back in July one of our Conversation Circle members caught wind of Dennis Kim , a veteran TV literary agent who was wooed away from a boutique agency in July of 2013, exiting the agency. At the time we thought Kim's exit spelled trouble. Kim had been brought to Resolut

NBC News In Crisis Mode?

It seems David Muir , who recently had his first win, among total viewers in 6 years, at the helm of "World News Tonight with David Muir" against NBC's "Nightly News with Brain Williams" , has driven NBC News to hold a crisis meeting . NBC News isn't taking second place, among total viewers, lightly. Perhaps the fall of " Today " from the number one morning show (" Good Morning America " continues to dominate the morning ratings and recently racked up 1 million more viewers than second place Today ) is a painful reminder. However World News Tonight's recent win could be a glimmer of hope for ABC News. Should ABC News dominate the morning ratings and evening news, which would a historical win, NBC News will need more than a crisis meeting. We've always been fond of Brian Williams, as has America, that's why Nightly News was/is number one. Perhaps World News Tonight's recent win is just a case of "new kid o

'God Only Knows' How Good This Is

We're crazy about the BBC's remake of "God Only Knows", written by Beach Boys Brian Wilson and Tony Asher, to celebrate the launch of BBC Music. We're impressed with the sequence of "talent", which seems to have been thought out, that retains the song's lyrical, dreamy quality.

David Muir Gets Another Big Break

Emmy Award-winning anchor David Muir , got a huge break when he was named to succeed Diane Sawyer as anchor of ABC's   World News Tonight . Now in that post,  Muir has managed another big break, "World News Tonight with David Muir" had its first win among total viewers in 6 years . Possible keys to Muir's success, who has boyish good looks and seems unpretentious (he reminds us of Peter Jennings ), Muir devotes a segment to "Made In America" which we think is popular among viewers. However, in a MediaBistro TV clip, Muir has indicated he's kept an eye on "NBC's Nightly News with Brian Williams" . Always keep an on the competition!

New Look For 'Meet The Press'

With Chuck Todd at the helm " Meet The Press " gets a new look. After a week hiatus MTP viewers were treated to a new set. In addition to a new desk for panel discussions and one-on-one interviews, a perceptive pixel screen has been installed for (Todd's forte) polling and number crunching just in time for the November mid-terms. Let's hope MTP's new set will help on the rating front. After winning first place on September 8th, Todd's inaugural show, for Sunday morning policy shows, due in part to an interview with President Obama , MTP has returned to third place according to Nielsen ratings. It seems wooing viewers back, who have long since developed new viewing habits, may prove difficult. Perhaps NBC News should have acted sooner. Although, it seems Todd is trying hard to save MTP .