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Trailer: 'Better Call Saul'

AMC's "Better Call Saul" , the much anticipated  Breaking Bad  spinoff, will not include Walt and Jesse in season one.

CNN Still First in Breaking News

With today's tragic news of a mass shooting at the offices of Charlie Hebdo , CNN was first  among the cable news channels to report the news proving once again, when it comes to breaking news , they are the source. Update : News agencies are reporting French authorities have identified 3 suspects involved in today's mass shooting.

C. Wonder Closing Its Doors

C. Wonder , the preppy retailer, is closing all stores. C. Wonder, known as a hot retailer, was founded by Chris Burch , the ex-husband of designer Tory Burch . Since its inception in 2011 the retailer suffered from criticism regarding its similarity to Tory Burch designs. In fact, the designer had accused her ex of copying her designs. C.Wonder was known for its bright colors and accessories. Clothing retailers have recently sited "consumers are spending in categories they don't sell."

Roger Ebert's Biopic Wins Timeslot for CNN

While we were absorbed with the season premiere of Downton Abbey, CNN Films' " Life Itself ", a biopic based on famed movie critic  Roger Ebert's memoir, won its Sunday night timeslot besting Fox and MSNBC. Life Itself will repeat on Friday at 9PM.

Downton Abbey Season 5 Premieres Tonight

Season 5 of   Downton Abbey kicks off tonight on PBS   Masterpiece and a "Shaking Of The Ground" is promised. Also for those who want the actual history of American heiresses marrying British aristocracy, the Smithsonian Channel will begin airing the " Million Dollar American Princesses " series, hosted by Elizabeth McGovern, one hour prior to Downton Abbey's airing. The series promises an in-depth look at the young heiresses that inspired the Masterpiece series. (Just in case you want more British history " The King's Skeleton:Richard III Revealed " is also airing tonight on the  Smithsonian   Channel.)   ITV's Downton Abbey Season 5 Trailer below:

New Year Brings Rededication

The Conversation Circle  had a crazy 2014. We had too many hiatuses (With a few members taking too many vacations!), we hardly had time to discuss and argue about current events. Many of us also felt the passings of people, in and out of the media world, we admired and even revered. These passing touched us in ways we did not imagine. It's part of the legacy those who create and share their knowledge and skills leave behind. In 2015 The Conversation Circle is looking forward to   rededicating ourselves to the spark, the interest, the need to be part of the conversation we started in 2009.