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New basic-cable network aimed at African-American adults

BET and MTV Networks quietly soft-launched Centric  , the basic-cable network aimed at 25-to 54-year-old African-Americans, on September 28th. The BET and MTV Networks venture was announced in April during BET's upfront presentation. Both are owned by Viacom. Centric will feature acquired programs from MTV and VH1. Centric will also launch its own original programming in the first quarter of 2010. However, the original programs already slated which include Model City, a reality show about African-American models in New York City and Keeping Up With The Joneses, which follows the exploits of a Houston-based female entrepreneur seem less than original.

Huge global demand for Michael Jackson’s “This Is It”

Sony Pictures Entertainment is reporting record-breaking sales throughout the world for the movie  . It is believed no movie in history has generated so many ticket sales so far in advance of its release. If the trailer is any indication, this movie will not be a must-see event; it will also be incredibly emotionally draining for Michael Jackson fans.

CW Cancels “The Beautiful Life”

Production was shut down after 2 airings making it the first cancellation of the season.

Congratulations ‘Mad Men’

We in the CC opted for Mad Men last night since AMC did not bow to the Emmy Awards, airing on CBS, with a rerun. Matthew Weiner’s reason on why the show is so good: "I may be the only person in the room with complete creative freedom…" Are you listening television execs? We did see some of the awards ceremony while flipping during those pesky commercials!

Congratulations '30 Rock'

We are crazy about Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, who are two great talents.

Michael Jackson's "This Is It" Movie Trailer

Michael Jackson's This Is It in HD

Jay Leno in Primetime

Trying a new model in a well-established primetime period is going to be difficult. If Jay Leno’s talk/variety show is successful he will break new ground in recent network television programming. Network primetime schedules for 1950-51 list two variety/comedy shows in the lineup for the 10:00pm timeslot and in 1959-60 at least five variety shows were in the same timeslot. However, there has never been 5 consecutive nights of variety programming in a network primetime schedule. Industry professionals argue this is an economic play by NBC to cut costs. Insisting expectations for ratings will be lower and the margin for success greater. This is a big gamble for Leno, but not so much for NBC considering they are in 4th place. We in the CC were wondering if the slide back to 1950-60’s programming is the brainchild of marketing geniuses. Especially since one of the most popular shows on television “Mad Men”, a period piece beginning in 1960 and current fashion tends evoking the 1950’s ar

More on Scripted TV Shows

According to Youth Trends Fall Television Preview Report, released last week, new scripted shows are far more anticipated among teens and college students. No reality show made the top five among males or females after students were shown trailers for fall programs and polled on which they liked the best.

More on Health Care

We know... It's too important.


Mr. Gelbart was an award-wining writer and producer of film, television and theater. He also worked for Sid Caesar on Caesar’s Hour along with Neil Simon, Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Woody Alan and Mel Tolkin. What a life!

Ellen to Idol

In a surprise move, at least to some, Ellen DeGeneres has worked out a 5 year deal to be the 4th judge on American Idol. Some in the CC have grown to like Ellen’s talk show. Especially, her routine of asking guests to dance. Who can forget the unforgettable moment when she and Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s Hardball, took to the floor? It was hilarious! Since Idol has 3 judges with formal music experience, we feel Ellen coming onboard with her unique brand of humor is a fresh twist that will only increase audience share. After all, now we will have to tune in to see Ellen. Good luck!

SC Congressman Joe Wilson calls the President a liar

We really do not like covering politics here, but what is happening civility in our nation? Is it no longer possible to respectfully disagree?