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UPDATE: Is Brian Williams Returning to NBC?

According to a Chicago Sun-Times report   Brian Williams will leave NBC " Nightly News " and join MSNBC .  NBC is expected to announce (on June 18) Lester Holt will be the permanent anchor for NBC "Nightly News". Would Brian Williams Be The MSNBC Fixer?  One can only speculate how Williams will fit into MSNBC's current lineup, (even though he would be going full circle) but rumors have been flying for months that a big shakeup was in the works due to lackluster ratings. Can Change Come To MSNBC Too Late?  As we speculated back in May, inserting Williams into a nightly slot that mirrors "Nightly News" would probably be a mistake. However, Williams would be plausible to go head-to-head with Wolf Blitzer at CNN . With that said, would NBC be sending the message that Williams isn't good enough for network viewers, but he's good enough for a cable audience? Perhaps with the pressure off, Williams can reinvent himself and MSNBC.  Sometime

Is Brian Williams Returning to NBC?

Although the return of Brian Williams to NBC, after his six month suspension has ended in August, has not been confirmed, more than one media outlet is reporting that Williams may (is expected to) return, but not to the anchor's chair. Lester Holt Reads Brian Williams Statement on NBC 'Nightly News' Saturday Edition   According to a  CNN  report, Williams will have a "new, unknown role." Williams, who was NBC's "Nightly News" anchor since 2004, was suspended in February for six months without pay while NBC investigated Williams' reporting while he was in Iraq and in other hot spots. The investigation later revealed other instances of misrepresentations. Related:  Brian Williams Suspended for Six Months ,  Brian Williams' Name Removed from 'Nightly News'

Rachel Dolezal's First Interview Goes to Today

It seems Today has scored the big "get" interview with Rachel Dolezal , the former NAACP Chapter President, who resigned her position today. Dolezal has been "trolled" relentlessly with the hashtag #AskRachel since it became public that she has been masquerading as a black woman . Online critics of Dolezal's misrepresentation as being " black " ranged from humorous to down right ugly. A few of our members found a piece written by Kara Brown for Jezebel , which gave Dolezal credit for " nailing the hair ", humorous and spot-on  ! In addition to Matt Lauer's live in-studio interview, Dolezal will sit down with Savannah Guthrie and  MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry. Perhaps Dolezalwill finally provide answers to what seems to be a very complicated, at least for her, identify issue.

Online Emmy Awards Voting Begins

Awards For the first time in the Television Academy's history, paper ballots are banned, all voting for the 67th Annual Emmy Awards will take place online. As online voting began today, (June 15) according to some industry sites, "voting got off to a "rocky start with site delays and rejected passwords" being the culprit. We must say this is not unusual considering it was the first day of voting and those who could vote had email and snail mail reminders! Voting ends, June 26.  The Emmy Awards show will air live on Fox , Sept. 20,  from the Nokia Theatre.