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Barbie Like We've Never Seen Her

If you are like most women and young girls who have owned or own a Barbie or two (and a Ken), then Barbie's "new body" is interesting news. Just for the record, we loved our Barbie just the way she was, but that was a long time ago! And to be honest most of us in The Conversation Circle, who owned Barbies, weren't so discerning about her body, (just getting a Barbie was a big deal) and the message it was sending. So it's good news that Mattel has issued three new Barbie body types, (reports are the changes were made to halt the brand's declining sales and criticism from parents) curvy, tall and petite. Hats off to this new generation of parents and girls who are affecting change. Looks like Barbie's "back in touch".

Bill Cunningham's 'Spotted'

Glad we "Spotted" Bill Cunningham's video today. We needed a little smile as the East Coast continues to dig out. We're thinking about moving Bill to Brand Talk, because he is a brand! 

BET Runs Stacey Dash Marathon

BET was not amused when Stacey Dash , Fox contributor and actress best known for the movie "Clueless" and the television series of the same name, while appearing on " Fox and Friends " during the height of the Oscar boycott controversy said,  ...."If we don’t want segregation, then we need to get rid of channels like BET..." Now BET is running a Stacey Dash, (sort of greatest hits on BET) marathon using the hashtag #NeverForget. It seems BET won't let her.

Snowstorms and Pandas

The snowstorm that was predicted to hit the east coast has materialized. As most people are advised to say in, unless they have a medical reason or they are emergency workers, at least Tian Tian, the giant Panda at the National Zoo, can enjoying the snow. Tian Tian woke up this morning to a lot of snow, and he was pretty excited about it. 🐼🌨 #blizzard2016 — National Zoo (@NationalZoo) January 23, 2016

Oscar Nominee regrets 'Racism' remark

Yesterday we posted the Academy Moves to Address Diversity before 2016 Oscars , and included remarks Charlotte Rampling made regarding  the "conversation surrounding the lack of diversity..." was somehow "racist against whites". Rampling, in a statement issued to CBS' "Sunday Morning" regrets that her  comments were "misinterpreted" and seeks to clarify her previous remarks. Rampling's comments caused a stir in the media and among fellow entertainment industry peers. It is no doubt her remarks have left her reeling. If we didn't know who Rampling was before, we do now.

A Little 'Free Spirit' for the Winter

We needed a little fun today amid the snowstorm that has hit the east coast.  Bill Cunningham on what's happening in men's winter wear. "Free Spirit".

Academy Moves to Address Diversity before 2016 Oscars

In a move to quickly put the "diversity issue" behind them (and before the 88th Academy Awards airs on February 28th) the Academy has announced drastic steps to change its membership, governing bodies, and voting members. The 2016 Oscars boycott was quickly spinning out of control as more actors voiced their concern about diversity within the membership, and 2016 Oscar nominee, Charlotte Rampling said the "conversation surrounding the lack of diversity..." was somehow " racist against whites ". With the issue getting heated, it is no wonder the Academy announced they have moved quickly with "historic action" and "substantive changes." Related:  Boycotting The Oscars 2016 Tricky Business for Black Performers

Major Snowstorm Headed up the East Coast

There is a run on many area grocery, hardware and liquor stores (as one customer replied at a liquor store, "You don't think we're going to ride this thing out sober!") up and down the east coast as people try to prepare for what could be a long weekend if a blizzard materializes. People seem to be in survival mode. There is a story in Philly.Com about singles racing to get a hookup before the storm hits. (Perhaps they just want someone to help shovel snow!)) On the NBC News website a story features " 8 Apps to keep you safe and informed." All we can say is, if you're in the path of the storm, we hope you stay safe and warm.

Bill Cunningham's "Winter Flair'

If you know The Conversation Circle you know we adore Bill Cunningham's  work. Bring on Winter!

Boycotting The Oscars 2016 Tricky Business for Black Performers

Publicly boycotting The Oscars  for many black (and non black) performers may be a tricky business. While many of those performers see the need for a boycott, ( Will Smith has confirmed he will be a no-show at the Oscars' telecast and non black performers have voiced their criticism over the lack of diversity in the nominees.) however most can ill-afford to alienate industry executives who routinely discuss talent and green-light films. In a business where relationships matter, perhaps more than talent, offending those in a position to grant work could lead to a dry spell or worse within the industry. Whenever black performers complain about the lack opportunities, some industry executives use the word "ungrateful" as they point to the doors that have been opened for a few to pass through as an example. We think it is perhaps more effective if black performers, who have achieved clout in the industry (and this list is short), and non black performers accept the burden

Facebook Added to Nielsen's Ratings

Nielsen announced on Tuesday it will be adding Facebook , Twitter is already measured, to its "Social Content Rating", which measures social chatter around television shows. Nielsen's ratings have long determined the advertising rates for television. Adding online measurements can be a big boon for TV shows that generate a lot of online chatter. This move broadens Nielsen's reach to capture non television viewing. Facebook will be delivering posts, along with other vitals (which are supposed to be publicly posted) directly to Nielsen. Instagram is expected to be added at a later date.

Keeping the Dream Alive

On this MLK holiday we hope to keep his dream alive and strive for a more equal and just nation, and world. 

Chris Rock's 'Oscar' Promo

The Academy Awards will air February 28th on ABC. Oscars: Host Chris Rock Tweets Promo For ‘The White BET Awards’ via @AwardsLine — Rachelle Ricks (@RachelleRicks) January 16, 2016

'Weiner' Documentary Premiering at Sundance

" Weiner ", the documentary about former Congressman Anthony Weiner , has been acquired by IFC Films and Showtime. The film centers around the two sexually explicit scandals that forced Weiner out of a once promising political career. The documentary (which is creating a lot of buzz) reportedly received unprecedented access to the Weiner family. The film will premiere at Sundance on January 24th.

David Bowie 'Lazarus'

We think David Bowie told us he would soon "be free" in his " Lazarus " video, which is haunting and perhaps tells us exactly what he was thinking and feeling. Related:  R.I.P David Bowie

R.I.P David Bowie

David Bowie , who for so many of our older siblings lived for and mimicked his androgynous  appearance in the early 1970s, his music was the soundtrack to their lives. For many of them Bowie's fame exploded with " Space Oddity " making them forever his devotees. "Ground Control to Major Tom" we will miss you and your talent.

'Deadwood' Movie a Real Possibility

As fans of " Deadwood ", the western series that ran for 3 seasons on HBO , we were less than satisfied when the violent often seedy (we enjoyed it nonetheless) series ended. Now the often rumored plans for a feature length film are a reality. Deadwood's creator David Milch, who is currently working on another project, is said to have approached HBO President Micheal Lombardo with an idea for the movie. Deadwood ran on HBO from 2004 -2006.
We're checking out the Bill Cunningham Video Channel , " On The Street " to see what's new. Lush Colors : Bill Cunningham | Lush Colors via @nytvideo — Rachelle Ricks (@RachelleRicks) January 7, 2016

Stephen Colbert on 'Balls to the Wall' Executive Order

Here's Stephen Colbert's " Much Ado Nothing About Something ".

Former Fox Executive 'In Charge' at 'Morning Joe'

MSNBC has named Kevin Magee , former EVP at Fox Business, executive in charge of " Morning Joe ". Magee's "knowledge of news gathering and morning television" were sited as reasons for his addition to the team. Magee's appointment may assist MSNBC as it seeks to expand Morning Joe  from three to four hours. This move to expand the morning talk show may last as long as the 2016 Presidential Election, as Fox and CNN will undoubtedly offer stiff competition in the run up to the election. The question is who will the audience be (MSNBC has been stuck in third place , behind Fox and CNN, and is the only cable network that is down from last year) for this expanded version. Magee's new position will begin immediately.

Steph Curry Predicts his Future in Burger King Commercial

Some think Steph Curry's early 1990s commercials for Burger King, with his father Dell Curry, will break the internet. We just think they're cute!

Viewers of 'Last Word' Donate $10 Million

Viewers of " The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell " showed their support for O'Donnell's K.I.N.D (Kids In Need of Desks) Fund, which was sparked by a trip to Africa, with a record setting $10 million in donations. The children who receive desks through KIND were in classrooms where they sat on cement floors or outside under tress. Last night O'Donnell and his viewers marked the $10 million dollar milestone, (which surprised O'Donnell and was raised almost entirely from viewers of his MSNBC show) with surprise  guest, Victor Chinyama of UNICEF, who O'Donnell did not know would appear. It was a moving segment. Congratulations to O'Donnell and his viewers!

2015 Cable Rankings

CNN finishes 2015 up by 38% in primetime. CNN's boost in the ratings was helped by three presidential primary debates that received record viewership. HLN saw a rise in its ratings too, but Jeff Zucker indicated changes would be made to HLN's programming, which will more closely "resemble" CNN in 2016". Meanwhile FOX had a " record-setting year ". MSNBC remains stuck in third place and is the only cable network down from last year. Perhaps this year's presidentail election will boost MSNBC's ratings as they well positioned to be "the place for politics" again.   2015 Ranker

Netflix to Russia

Seems Netflix's global expansion is taking them to Russia.  Although Russians will have to get use to the "new model" of consumer subscription, that doesn't seem to be stopping Netflix. According to a Russian outlet, the streaming service is due to launch this month. Netflix could be launching in Russia this month, according to report — Rachelle Ricks (@RachelleRicks) January 4, 2016

'Downton Abbey' Final Season Premieres Tonight

Season 6 (the final season) of " Downton Abbey ", which picks up in 1925, premieres tonight January 3 at 9pm on PBS . We are apprehensive about the whole affair! How will we feel when the last episode airs? Related:  'Downton Abbey' The Final Season

'Downton Abbey' The Final Season

We are apprehensive about watching the final season of " Downton Abbey ".  It's like finishing a book and you want to read it all over again. The Wrap has come up with 5 things  to expect in Season 6, but we're not sure it helps. "Downton Abbey" Season 6 premieres January 3 at 9pm on PBS .

'He Was a Young Republican'

The Conversation Circle isn't one to talk about politics too much, but with the looming 2016 Presidential Election, and all the talk about Republicans and Democrats , we thought we'd share this post.

R.I.P Natalie Cole

Really sad news. So many memories rapped up in the Grammy Award winning R&B singer Natalie Cole . The daughter of the  legendary Nat King Cole , Cole was able to bring her father's voice to a new generation through her  historic "virtual duet" with him as she sang "Unforgettable".  Ms. Cole will be unforgettable too.