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Bound By Leather

Michael Kors Narciso Rodriguez This season we're bound and determined to add a leather dress to our wardrobe. Fall 2013 offerings are ladylike and sexy.  Styles range from pencil, to sheath to full skirted (so cute)! This is the year to add a leather dress. They are chic and classic at the same time. We're sure you'll find a leather dress in your price point. Just pick a style that will last forever! 

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Honoring American Workers!

Keith Olbermann Returns to ESPN

Olbermann  an hour long show, which airs on ESPN2, debuted with 319,000 viewers and was the 7th most watched show for the day on the network. While Keith's numbers were not comparable to the numbers he pulled on MSNBC's "Countdown," which totaled 1 million viewers at its peak, Olbermann defeated Fox Sports 1's "Fox Sports Live" in the same time slot. While some find Keith Olbermann a little "prickly" to say the least, he's never dull or boring! His numbers are sure to grow.

Bill Cunningham's Active Wear fun!

The Conversation Circle loves Bill. It's all about this delivery (you can hear the fun in his voice), his POV and sense of wonder.  Here's Bill...!

Shock and Outrage for MTV, Really?

For those who are shocked, it's called Show Business for a reason. The CC does not condone the simulated acts that were performed. However, we think viewers forget it's about ratings and MTV benefited.  Miley on the other hand, only time will tell.  Here's a sampling at: Media Life Magazine

Grocery Shopping Not According to Plan

A few of the CC members have been kvetching (complaining) about our local supermarkets or, rather, grocery stores. We’re not sure if they should be called supermarkets, as they do not carry a super supply of items you would expect to get in a grocery store. However, we’re finding our go-to neighborhood grocery stores are not carrying full lines or even popular lines within a brand. Recently during a shopping trip one member tried to purchase Quaker Oats Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Bars at her neighborhood store, (having bypassed it at another local grocery store the day before), only to be told “they didn’t have that one." Lots of chocolate chip and every other kind they sell, but no oatmeal raisin! Why? The manger said, “It’s not in the plan.” What plan? Well this member thought she’s just picky. So having dashed into that same store for Chi Chi’s Salsa, this member found lots of hot salsa in the small size, but no medium salsa in small. The medium was only available in the largest

First Official Family Photo for Prince William

We're happy, that they're so happy. One classy princess and one cool prince.

Bill's fluent

We just love Bill Cunningham's POV

The Butler

For those looking for a story with historical context this is it!

Disney's Planes

What to do this weekend if you have young kids. Planes opens in theaters August 9.

Cedric the Entertainer talks Planes

Cedric the Entertainer, the voice of "Leadbottom", talks about working on the Disney's Planes. Gabriel Iglesias " Ned/Zed" is in the background.

Summer Love Affair with Linen

J. Crew  Every summer several members of the CC go on the hunt for a linen piece. Linen is one of the oldest textiles in the world. It also wrinkles like crazy, especially if it’s unlined and unstructured! Wearing linen can leave you looking like a tourist whose luggage has been lost. However, if you live in an area where summers can be hot, sticky and oppressively humid, linen is your best option because of its ability to absorb moisture and dry Ralph Lauren quickly. Lately linen and cotton blends have become popular, but we like 100% good quality linen. There’s a certain drape to linen that, even when wrinkled, is classy and chic. It’s reminds us of an old comfortable shoe.  Several decades ago, at least on the east coast, you knew it was summer when men pulled out their white or tan linen suits. This is not the case so much anymore. We’re not sure if it’s the need to look polished, even in the summer, or the avoidance of looking like you had an impromptu

YouTube Opening NY Production Studio in 2014

This is great news for creators trying to break into broadcasting, filmmaking and programming. YouTube has facilities in London, Tokyo and Playa Vista, California which houses post-production and community event space. The state of art facilities designed for creators to produce original video content is what public access was supposed to be. However, adequate funding in many markets has always been an issue. You Tube's decision to expand was partially based on the continued growth of the video site. Some 35 YouTube channels have 1 million subscribers and the mobile app has been downloaded more than 250 million times. It appears YouTube has taken public access' ball and run with it!

Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar® monologue

Ellen and Oscar

Just days after Cheryl Boone Isaacs ' election as president of the Academy, Ellen DeGeneres tweeted she will be hosting the Oscars. That was a quick and smart decision (in our opinion) by Boone Isaacs. Ellen first hosted the Oscars in 2007. We loved Ellen's brand of humor and think The 2014 Oscars will be a must-see, once again.

Rich and Pure Desserts

Products We like turns up tasty treats made by Julie's Organic.  They bring out the kid in us!