Grocery Shopping Not According to Plan

A few of the CC members have been kvetching (complaining) about our local supermarkets or, rather, grocery stores. We’re not sure if they should be called supermarkets, as they do not carry a super supply of items you would expect to get in a grocery store. However, we’re finding our go-to neighborhood grocery stores are not carrying full lines or even popular lines within a brand.

Recently during a shopping trip one member tried to purchase Quaker Oats Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Bars at her neighborhood store, (having bypassed it at another local grocery store the day before), only to be told “they didn’t have that one." Lots of chocolate chip and every other kind they sell, but no oatmeal raisin! Why? The manger said, “It’s not in the plan.” What plan?

Well this member thought she’s just picky. So having dashed into that same store for Chi Chi’s Salsa, this member found lots of hot salsa in the small size, but no medium salsa in small. The medium was only available in the largest size. After asking the manger for medium salsa in the small size, he said “ Not sure if it’s in the plan."

What plan?  Who makes the plan and why? Is the plan to make us buy what they want us to buy? We're not sure about other shoppers, but we're tired of the weekend caravan to 5 different stores. One day we’d like to plan on shopping at 2 grocery stores instead of 5. The supermarket that can achieve that would surely have a plan for success.


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