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Is the William Morris and Endeavor merger a win-win situation for Hollywood?

The aspect of a merger between William Morris and Endeavor has competitors gleeful while holding strategy meetings. Top agencies around town are planning to snap up the agents that do not make the cut. In all probability the agents will take their clients with them and this could be a golden opportunity for smaller agencies to pick up agents with A-list clients. William Morris is a legendary agency founded in 1898. Endeavor a literary and talent was formed in 1995 by four agents, one of whom is Ari Emanuel brother of President Obama’s chief of staff, when they left ICM . This may be a powerhouse merger, but it will also be an opportunity for competitors as well.

The Recession, Shopping, Shoes and Blue Law

Last week, we in the CC went to the mall. It was need-based. No grand scheme to shop our way out of the recession, but there were many people who seemed to be doing just that. The mall was crowded. Not holiday crowded, but just enough to bump a few shoulders and dodge mothers wielding strollers. Why the crowds? One possible reason, shoe sales. There is nothing like a shoe sale to get women out of the house and into stores. It is amazing. Most in the CC are shoe crazy, but one person is purse crazy and another is accessory and top crazy. Her theory; buy a few inexpensive trendy tops and accessories each season and you have a new outfit. A sale is not always a sale especially when you are not talking about shoes. Paying a higher than desired price for shoes is one thing, but clothing is quite another. To that point, we noticed that not all of the so-called additional percentage off all ready ‘marked down’ deals was in fact a deal. In most cases, the first markdown was only 25%

Mickey Rourke signs for villain in Iron Man 2

Nikki reported that Mickey was low-balled at 250k at first, but he is getting substantially more now. Most of the CC saw The Wrestler, and felt Mickey was robbed, so we are delighted Mickey is getting big offers again. Say what you will – Mickey is a talented actor. Welcome back to Hollywood Mickey.

Jim and Jon

We know this is old news, but for continuity, we thought we should include Jim Cramer showing up on The Daily Show. Most of the CC thought perhaps Jim should not have shown up considering his performance. However, after some discussion, we decided Jim was humbled and brave. We have a newfound respect for Jon Stewart. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M - Th 11p / 10c Jim Cramer Pt. 2 Daily Show Full Episodes Important Things w/ Demetri Martin Political Humor Jim Cramer

Finally a smackdown for CNBC – just the facts please! The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M - Th 11p / 10c CNBC Gives Financial Advice Daily Show Full Episodes Important Things With Demetri Martin Political Humor Joke of the Day

Meshugene Men

This is funny! If you love Mad Men, you'll like this. Hats off to you guys.

Some Politics

There’s lots of chatter about CPAC’s annual conference, Newt, Rush, tone and temperament. Surprising to us, maybe it shouldn’t be, when it comes to the president’s budget, there are those who supported, donated and volunteered for the democrats now siding with republicans. Politics makes strange bedfellows. This budget fight might lead to Must See TV.

Sunday Night Programming and More

After the evening news, we have a favorite, but we are not saying, we started flipping for something, anything interesting. Okay, we stopped at SNL – The Best of Tracy Morgan. The skit was The Brian Fellow’s Show. The line “That bird is not funny.” Neither was Brian Fellow. Ghetto Guy/Girl characters are tiresome and GG showed up in more skits. We had to change the channel. This programming is cost effective for NBC, but it felt old and so yesterday. ABC was running AFV, we know many YouTube people who like this show, but we settled on 60 Minutes. In these troubled times it seems cool again. That does not apply to all in the CC. There were those who were watching HBO, reading a book, because there was nothing on, according to them, or getting ready for tomorrow. Oh, right and one person who drove around for two hours, family in tow, looking for a restaurant (so much for the recession) all could agree on, of course that did not happen. They returned to leftovers in the refrigerator. W

The Weather

In the northeast today it’s all about the weather. If you like the snow it’s a beautiful day. If not, it’s a miserable day. Schools are closed and we in the CC note that Xbox Live might crash. For the local CBS station the weather really is the big story this morning they are still airing their local news, while ABC and NBC have switched to the scheduled network feed.

More Reality at the Networks

CBS and now ABC are developing reality shows that involve cars. Although, one producer insists their show is about people and not cars. Aren’t they all about the characters? (We mean people.) Does anybody see a formula here?