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More on CBS

CBS is reportedly paying Laurence Fishburne 14 million dollars for CSI, not that he doesn’t deserve it. His debut on the show was its best ratings since the season premiere. We also saw Laurence on Broadway and he was fantastic. However, at the same time, CBS has demanded that existing television show producers reduce their budgets for next year. Guess you can’t win them all. We’re cheering for you CBS.

CBS sweeps the weekend in the 18-49s thanks to NCAA basketball

In the market where the CC is located CBS has always been know for its older demographic. We know this isn’t scientific, but a few of us belong to gyms and we noticed that older Americans seemed to be watching CBS more often than not. According to an online media site, on Friday night, CBS led among 18-49s with a 3.6 average overnight rating and an 11 share. ABC was second at 2.0/6, Univision third at 1.7/5, Fox fourth at 1.3/4, NBC fifth at 1.2/4 and CW sixth at 0.7/2. Not that we watch CBS on a regular basis, although we are excited about 60 Minutes again, it seems that CBS is making its way back to being the network that William S. Paley, CBS founder, built.