NBC News President Touches on Tamron Hall Departure


In The Week That Was Recap 610 TCC covered what it considered the NBC/Tamron Hall debacle. Finally, in a recent interview Noah Oppenheim, NBC News President, addressed Tamron Hall's departure in a very limited way. 

Is Tamron Hall Being Forced Out of 'Today' Show Tamron Hall Out At NBC and MSNBC 

Oppenheim cited what he felt was a fair offer to keep Hall "part of our family moving forward". Apparently, whatever the "prominent and substantive role" was, it was not enough to keep Hall from leaving.

Clearly the goal was to make room for what NBC News considers a "superstar" at any cost. Allotting the third hour, which Hall co-anchored, the network programs for affiliates, Oppenheim could ensure Megyn Kelly's show would have all the keys for success. So, without any detail about the role Hall was offered, perhaps Hall's actions fill in the blanks.
What is unknowable for NBC News in this risk/reward situation is, in this polarized news climate how much of Kelly's previous audience at Fox News will switch and how many existing viewers will stick around for a former Fox News host. 


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