Big Changes at MSNBC and NBC

There appears to be a migration of former Fox News hosts moving to MSNBC and NBCGreta Van Susteren will host a new show, airing 6pm on MSNBC, called "For The Record". Van Susteren joins another former Fox family member, Megyn Kelly, who will be hosting an NBC weekday and Sunday news show. The emphasis appears to be on attracting seasoned journalist who have a built-in audience they can bring with them.

MSNBC and NBC also appear to be making a "right" turn, (signing up Van Susteren and Kelly would give that distinct impression), perhaps just in times to capitalize on changes in the nation's capitol. What we're wondering is, will Ari Melber and Steve Kornacki (who previously hosted his own show) be utilized for anything other than fill-ins! Melber and Kornacki appeal to a younger audience and would be wise hosting choices, as is Joy Reid, to build a millennial audience.


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