Brian Williams Suspended for Six Months

Looks like the brass at NBC, rather NBC News President, Deborah Turness, has suspended Brian Williams, NBC's "Nightly News" anchor since 2004, for six months without pay. Last week NBC announced it was "investigating" Williams' reporting while he was in Iraq and in other hot spots (to check for additional evidence of embellishing). It seemed Williams had the support of NBC higher-ups while he's been under scrutiny,   however Williams' suspension is "effective immediately".

 Lester Holt, anchor of Dateline, co-anchor of NBC's weekend edition of "Today" and NBC Nightly News, will continue to anchor in Williams' place for now. We hope Brian Williams can recover from this seemingly fall from grace.  Perhaps, while NBC is holding people accountable, the network should turn their attention to MSNBC, (the cable network is not under Turness) which is suffering from low ratings and needs a major shake-up!

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