Is Scripted Programming In Again?

Recent media reports announced that AMC would be exiting the "unscripted programming" market to focus on scripted programs again. With such mega hits as Breaking Bad and Mad Men, (and perhaps unscripted programs that weren't exactly rating hits) it's no wonder AMC feels the urge to return to what was its core branding.

We couldn't be more delighted. It seems every network has too many "unscripted" programs. It's as if what was a half-hour or hour of fantasy has been replaced with the reality of somebody else's life and/or problems. It's not voyeurism, but sometimes feels just as icky.  It seems for a moment in time (and ongoing for some) programmers thought "real people" had to be more interesting (and cost effective) than made up characters. Perhaps, not so much.

One can only hope with the renewed focus on scripted programming AMC will again bring forth a mega hit. It surely has the potential with "Better Call Saul".


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