Good News Doesn't Last For CNN

According to Nielsens Media research, looks like CNN's ratings, despite the bump the network received from its 3 hour coverage of the WHCA dinner, have fallen dramatically since the wall-to-wall coverage (which was derided by MSNBC and became the source of one-liners for comedians) of the missing Malaysian aircraft has ended.

As the story broke CNN's wall-to-wall coverage pulled in 770,000 viewers in primetime. Viewership from late April to May 2 dropped to 427,000. MSNBC and Fox also saw a drop in their demos, but CNN's coverage of the missing aircraft allowed the network to overtake MSNBC for second place in the ratings behind Fox. For now, MSNBC has regained the number two spot. None of our members are surprised that CNN's ratings fell by 45%. We had been actively avoiding the network because of the nonstop "missing aircraft" coverage that yielded little to no new 'news'.


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