Experimenting With CNN's 10 PM Hour

Looks like CNN will begin its grand experiment with the 10PM hour. The cable station has seen its ratings drop with no end in sight, and CNN Chief Jeff Zucker walked in the door vowing to shake up primetime. It's hard to see how adding new programming at 10PM will help the primetime ratings. Sure you have to start somewhere, but a show hosted by Mark Geregos and Sunny Hostin "Making The Case". It's difficult enough to listen to Geregos and Hostin bicker when they're panelist, who wants to tune in for that regularly? Does Zucker think they have chemistry? We'll also be treated to Death Row Stories, whatever that means. If we want to go to jail we can watch MSNBC on Friday nights! They have the jail thing down! We think CNN is becoming confusing. You don't know what it is anymore. CNN used to be the place for breaking news, not so much anymore. Rachel Maddow, host of "The Rachel Maddow Show" that airs on MSNBC, made an interesting comment "CNN is not what it used to be." We agree. Time will tell if viewers like what it's becoming.  


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