Suede Persuasion

In a recent Fashion Forward post, Bound by Leather, we discussed our desire for a leather dress. Now some in The Conversation Circle are on the hunt for suede pants. When fall approaches, there's something that drives us toward refined tweed, plaid or tartan blazers and suede pants.  We just think it so classic.  Interestingly, there's plenty of tartan this season, but the inventory for suede pants is lacking. Sure there are plenty of suede "leggings," but there are hardly any suede pants at the retailers we frequent. We don't find anything classic or classy about leggings. (Perhaps if we had Audrey Hepburn's figure we would.) Anyway, a quick check of the web revealed a pair of pants that were way out of our budget, a pair in plus sizes and Ployvore turned up two pair, Valentino (in another lifetime we could manage this) and Ralph Lauren (a straight leg that straddles the legging line). The problem is, not everyone looks good in a straight leg. Some of us need a look that’s more of a balancing act. Maybe a boot cut. Not sure if any member in the CC will find a pair of suede pants they love this season. If you find a pair that fits our style, let us know!

Ralph Lauren Suede Modern Straight Pant


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