Do We Hate the Gym or The People?

After a weekend of overindulgence some of our members were talking about dreading the scale and the gym in the morning. (Obviously, we didn’t make it there yesterday!) None of us are gym rats, but we do try to be consistent. However, as we gabbed, several of us realized we hate our gym! The location is great and they offer "comprehensive health and wellness opportunities." But, there's something about the atmosphere there.

 The gym is littered with

  • Women who tote their gym stuff in designer handbags. Okay, whatever.
  • Mommy clicks. There's a pecking order enforced. (You can't join. You have to be invited in by the top tier moms.)
  • Women who wear tights, with no underwear, you can see through. We hate being on the elliptical machine behind them! (They're not subject to the mommy clicks because they're either blondes or have fabulous locks and great bodies.)
  • Personal trainers who are self-important and take days to return your call. They also ignore you if you don't train with them. (We hear backstabbing amongst trainers is common.)
  •  People who can't be bothered. There's no reason to be unpleasant. We're not trying to make friends. 

Feelings of Stress and Pressure 

  • Pressure to wear cool (tight) outfits. Perhaps the trainers want to show off their work, but we hate straddling machines while men (especially the creepy ones) gaze at us. We feel like we're on display.
  • Requests from staff to donate or participate in their charity functions. What if you say no? First you feel guilty, and then you’re no longer included in the “in crowd.”

Final Gripe 

  • It's too warm in the gym. The staff likes it warm, especially in the winter, but who's supposed to be comfortable? Don't germs grow faster in warm environments?

To be honest, we were never comfortable there. It was convenient. Two of us have decided to let our memberships die a quiet death. The sad reality may be, we were never gym people and hated ourselves for joining!


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