Fever Broken on Breaking Bad

We made it to the end of Breaking Bad. The finale, for some of us, was a little sad. As much as Walter deserved to die, we hated to see him go. We were rooting for him to turn himself in, but knew this would not be realistic for the character Vince Gilligan created. Having Walter return to the lab to collapse and die was truly symbolic. It reaffirmed that he became "Heisenberg" because he liked it. It was like Jekyll and Hyde. There was no road back. Only death would kill that demon (Heisenberg.) It was a relief  that the troubled Jesse, after paying for his mistakes as a virtual slave to a drug he consumed and pushed, was given a reprieve and Walter was the one to give it to him.  It seemed like a recognition from Walter, not Heisenberg, that he was responsible for some of the destruction in Jesse's life too. Jesse finally got that road back and his character's joy and relief indicated he would not walk it again. In the end, Walter knew that Heisenberg must die.


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