Face-Lift For 'Today' Show, But The Elephant is Still In The Room

New president of NBC News, Deborah Turness hopes to recover viewers that were lost to GMA for more than a year now. In private Ms. Turness has liken the face-lift to "the joy of reuniting with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend." The problem with that analogy is, sometimes you're just over that old flame and there's no going back! Viewers may be turned off by Matt Lauer (it is unfortunate) and have no chemistry or connection to Savannah Guthrie. Ms. Turness may be avoiding the difficult task of making talent changes (Instead she added Carson Daly, former host of MTV's "TRL".), and hoping viewers won't notice the elephant is still in the room.  Related: Matt Lauer Revisits Ann Curry Debacle, Matt Lauer Leaving Today?


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