65th Primetime Emmys Conversation

Once again The Conversation Circle grabbed the Chinese food and watched the Emmys.... Neil Patrick Harris opened the show with a reference to modern TV. The opening bit had Harris trying to binge watch the Emmy nominated shows. His monologue included how young people watch television on their phones and the variety of programming available and the ease of getting it. The opening wasn't that funny, but spoke to the future of television. The whole bit of former hosts joining Harris on stage was lost on us. BEST BITS for us. We loved Kevin Spacey's (Frank Underwood) bit from House of Cards. Now that was funny! Julia Louis-Dreyfus' acceptance speech, which included a Veep gag (in character) with Tony Hale, was funny! LEFT WONDERING BY Jon Hamm who walked on stage as if not wanting to be typecast. (Perhaps it's for a role.) He looked like Grizzly Adams, and Robin Williams' tribute to Jonathan Winters. It was a little odd. We hope this isn't foreboding for his new show on CBS. TOUCHING MOMENTS tributes to Jean Stapleton, Gary David Goldberg, James Gandolfini, and of course, In Memoriam. LAST MINUTE LAUGH Michael Douglas thanking Matt Damon. It was predictable, but funny. And Will Ferrell, it was a cool parenting bit.  Overall the show was a "bit" of a let down.... Enough about our conversation, congratulations to all of the winners! Here's the rundown from reliable sources.


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