84th Annual Academy Awards

So it was Oscar night again. That was Sunday and today is Thursday! There was hardly any enthusiasm to discuss the show. Most in the CC were bored by the whole affair. Morgan Freeman opened, but he was less than engaging, and in some weird way that seemed to set the tone. The show was not engaging.  We were happy to see Billy Crystal, although most in the CC complained about what appeared to be too much knife wielding. (Surgically that is.) Still, Billy is our sentimental favorite and his reference to Kodak's financial troubles was funny!

The sketch between Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. was our favorite moment. Also, was that the drinking game,  (a la Andy Cohen's show 'Watch What Happens), when a member in the audience yelled out Martin Scorsese's name and The Bridesmaids' cast members downed a shot? The audience and Scorsese seemed oblivious. We were happy to see Michael Douglas looking and sounding healthy. We wish him luck. Lastly, Meryl Streep deserved the Oscar. She is a consummate professional (not that others aren't) and has turned in so many brilliant performances.  All in all it was worth watching for most of us.

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