The Grammy Awards

The tribute to Aretha Franklin was rousing and her appearance was touching. Jennifer Hudson has a fabulous voice and was a great choice to anchor the group of ladies, which included, Christina Aguilera, Martina McBride, Florence Welch and Yolanda Adams.

'Hey Soul Sister'... we love the sound of that. Congrats! We have a new appreciation for Lady Gaga...There’s classic training behind the theatrics. Kids, pay attention!  We connected with Melissa Lambert’s song, ‘The House That Build Me’. We also like her voice.... And she won!
Lady Gaga thanked Whitney Houston was giving her inspiration... yeah, we're liking Lady Gaga more and more.... We're not surprised Letterman introduced Dylan. Gwyneth Paltrow, who knew?


 We loved Rihanna's tulle dress (gown)? Esperanza Spalding gave a short, to the point and classy acceptance. How old is she? Class act. Okay, we're a little distracted... time to head to the refrigerator. 

We're back. We heard Mick's voice. OMG MICK, where does he get the energy? We love Mick Jagger. Eminem takes home a Grammy and thanked Rihanna for taking it to the next level... Rihanna's back, looking a little like SuperWoman,  performing with Drake.  Okay, the countdown begins now, 11:10pm. Arcade Fire takes the final Grammy. 


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