2011 Oscars

Was the 83rd Academy Awards a younger and hipper version? We didn’t think so. In fact, it was boring and tedious at times. We’re also not sure how we felt about hosts, James Franco and Anne Hathaway, who were purportedly chosen because of their appeal to a younger demographic.

Franco and Hathaway didn’t seem to have any chemistry between them. Franco rarely looked directly at Hathaway, (who we think performed admirably considering what she had to work with), seemingly preferring a camera or the prompter.

We also wondered about the awkward shout-outs to family members. Does being young and appealing mean you answer to your mother and correct your grandmother in front of millions of viewers. It bordered on silly. A simple acknowledgement who have gone a long way.  We think the hosting on Franco’s part was so lacking we, as did the live audience, cheered when Billy Crystal made an appearance. Anyway -- on to what we did like.

Best art direction and costume design - Alice In Wonderland. It was truly deserved! It was a beautiful fantasyland.

Best cinema photography - Inception.  Did Wally Pfister give a shout-out to his “union crew?” Yes, he did. Why does the word “union” ring a bell?

Kirk Douglas was a presenter for the supporting actress award. It was touching to see this industry legend work through his speech difficulties. We were pleased to see him and he made us laugh.

Best animated feature - Toy Story 3. What’s not to love? We’re totally invested in the franchise.

Best adapted screenplay - The Social Network.  Alan Sokin’s nod to past winners was classy.

Best original screenplay - THE KING’S SPEECH.  Winner David Seidler may be the oldest writer to win in the category.  Nod to the seniors.  Get to work you late bloomers.

Best director - Tom Hopper had a great story about his mother finding his next project, it was The King’s Speech!

Best picture - The King’s Speech. We in the CC knew this was the type of film the academy and its members love.  TKS is character driven, artsy, has historical value and speaks to the human condition.

Congratulations all!


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