The Week That Was

Recap 1216

TCC was Checking Out 2017 Tony Awards Reviews, which seemed to point to Bette Midler winning the night with her acceptance speech, as the 2017 Tony Awards Ratings Down. Then off to catch up with TRAILER: Black Panther. There was talk about the movie being too dark and too black! What We're Reading - J. Crew's Rise and Fall peaked our interest as a more definitive look at the company's predicament and how it got there. After that it was a lot of Megyn Kelly Catching Heat, Again, then Megyn Kelly Tries to Clarify and Defend Jones Interview, while J. P. Morgan Removes Ads From NBC News , then Is Megyn Kelly a Good Fit for NBC News? Finally, Megyn Kelly's Alex Jones Interview Still OnCongressman Steve Scalise Injured at Baseball Practice, was really an attack. The congressman is still in critical condition and we are hoping he and the others injured and traumatized by the horrific incident have a speedy recovery. Have a good weekend! 


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