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Paul Anka Wants Credit

Legendary singer-songwriter Paul Anka wants credit for "This Is It" single. Anka said that he and Michael Jackson wrote and recorded the song, originally “I Never Heard”, in 1983 at Anka’s studio in California. The main difference between “I Never Heard” and "This Is It" is a full arrangement, backup vocals by Jackson’s brothers, and a few major differences in the lyrics. Otherwise, the composition of the song is almost identical to that of “I Never Heard.” 

New Michael Jackson Single

Sprint’s Desperate Housewives Campaign

Sprint and the producers of "Desperate Housewives" have teamed up to create commercial-break vignettes that incorporate familiar elements of the show to promote the telecommunications company. Sprint has a similar campaign that aired on the first episode of NBC’s "Heroes". The commercial-break vignette featured a new character from the drama. Apparently by weaving program elements into ad breaks, networks hope viewers will be less likely to channel surf or fast-forward.  This has led to networks working to make the ads look like the shows they are sponsoring. NBC has pioneered use of this technique, referred to as program-specific advertising. Networks hope the technique will foster deeper relationships between individual programs and advertisers.