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Hasan Minhaj Roasting Was Inclusive

Politics Hasan Minhaj's roast at the White House Correspondents Dinner started slow, but hit all its marks and spared few!  Minhaj's rip on the media was on target and perhaps insightful of how millennia's view the media.

The Week That Was

Recap 2728 After fits and starts, and a lengthy hiatus, TCC has landed on Resisting the Popcorn Urge . However strong it many be, TCC will not surrender to the current turmoil that seems to be our world. We're keeping calm, life goes on! This week the film industry and fans had to say R.I.P Jonathan Demme . We also got to cover, what had been, an ongoing topic for us Tamron Hall, as NBC News President Touches on Tamron Hall Departure . Have a good weekend!

NBC News President Touches on Tamron Hall Departure

Television In  The Week That Was Recap 610   TCC  covered what it considered the NBC/Tamron Hall debacle. Finally, in a recent interview Noah Oppenheim , NBC News President, addressed Tamron Hall's   departure  in a very limited way.  Is Tamron Hall Being Forced Out of 'Today' Show   Tamron Hall Out At NBC and MSNBC  Oppenheim cited what he felt was a fair offer to keep Hall "part of our family moving forward". Apparently, whatever the "prominent and substantive role" was, it was not enough to keep Hall from leaving. Clearly the goal was to make room for what NBC News considers a "superstar" at any cost. Allotting the third hour, which Hall co-anchored, the network programs for affiliates, Oppenheim could ensure  Megyn Kelly's show would have all the keys for success. So, without any detail about the role Hall was offered, perhaps Hall's actions fill in the blanks. Tarmon Hall Mulling Over Next Move What is

R.I.P Jonathan Demme

In Memoriam TCC couldn't let other day go by without acknowledging the death of filmmaker and screenwriter  Jonathan   Demme . Demme, who became best known for his chilling film "Silence of The Lambs" and "Philadelphia", made his film debut with Roger Corman. 

Resisting the Popcorn Urge

Politics  The political climate in 2017 has been turned up so high it's been difficult for TCC to focus on general interests. Resisting the urge to get the popcorn, as the reality version of “ House of Cards ” or as some thought "The Twilight Zone", played out in the form of briefings, hearing, intrigue, ongoing-dramas and tweets, was a losing battle. The sense of whiplash that left you mentally drained and exhausted was overwhelming. So, TCC decided to take an extended hiatus, as getting mired in politics was never our goal. With the generally accepted notion, the world is not coming to an end, and democracy will reign supreme, it’s time to get back to what makes us happy!