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Get On Up - Trailer: Will the Movie Be As Exciting As James Brown?

Some in the Conversation Circle had the pleasure of seeing James Brown  perform live, and one of our members actually met James Brown, in Los Angeles at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, many years ago. When approached by our member, who was in awe, James Brown smiled and presented a gloved-hand to shake! Here's hoping " Get On Up " is as exciting as James Brown was.

R.I.P James Garner

James Garner gave us Maverick , The Rockford Files and so many more film and television memories.

Dov Charney Back At American Apparel

Dov Charney , former CEO of American Apparel , will be a paid consultant at the company he once headed up. How did Charney worm his way back in? He is reported to have purchased  nearly half of the company with the assistance of Standard General . We get wanting to keep the company moving forward, considering the current crisis, but apparently image takes a backseat to selling merchandise. The company is said to be continuing its investigation into Charney's "alleged misconduct." Related : UPDATE: American Apparel Founder Finally Fired American Apparel Founder Finally Fired

UPDATE: Resolution Becoming Revolving Door

Deadline.Com reported in an exclusive on Wednesday that Dennis Kim  "exits" Jeff Berg's Resolution , a talent and literary agency, to become a manager. Kim will be a partner at Bungalow Media and Entertainment, a management/production company. One of our Conversation Circle members caught wind of Kim's exit , who had been at Resolution for less than a year, last week.  In another story reported by Deadline.Com, Resolution added agents Rachel Sheedy and Jennifer Good. Looks the the door is swinging both ways! Related:  Is Resolution Becoming A Revolving Door?

66th Primetime Emmy Nominations and Snubs

The Emmy Nominations were announced this morning and we were excited to learn " Game of Thrones ", HBO's most popular series, received 19 nods! This season Game of Thrones  garnered HBO's highest gross audience, which had previously been held by "The Sopranos". HBO leads all networks with a total of 99 nominations. Overall, new shows have the most Emmy nomination nods. While who was nominated got lots of media coverage, who wasn't did too. Entertainment sites buzzed about Emmy snubs  and Nikki Finke, renowned Entertainment reporter, updated throughout the morning about "Why They Were Emmy Snubs" . Anyway, to see if your favorite show was nominated the Television Academy has the complete list of Emmy  Nominations . The  2014   Primetime Emmy Awards  will air Monday, August 25th at 8pm on  NBC  with  Seth Meyers  hosting. Related: Seth Meyers Could Get Big Boost From Hosting 2014 Emmys