The Week That Was

Recap 2226

TCC began a light week, once again, wondering what is going on at MSNBC, and Will Lawrence O'Donnell Survive MSNBC's Center Lean. Media outlets have cited the addition of Greta Van Susteren, Nicolle Wallace, and potential hires of conservative pundits Hugh Hewitt and George Will as a sign of where MSNBC is heading. O'Donnell was absent from his show twice this week, then returned on Friday.  Stay tuned. To Hell in A Handbag may be where TCC is heading to, as Handbag Maven is launched to feed our handbag addiction! Finally, there' a Megyn Kelly Promo for 'Sunday Night' Released. We're left wondering if NBC News will use Megyn Kelly's weekly magazine to compete with 60 Minutes and draw a more conservative audience. As much as politics is consuming the media, retail is too. We found an interesting article on J.Crew's Upheaval in the New York Times. Have a good weekend!


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