Morning Joe Hosts Discuss Possible Extortion Claims

Back in May, cohosts of "Morning Joe",  Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough announced their engagement. This was not a surprise to viewers of the show (their body language alone betrayed them!)

Morning Mika and Joe NBC are Engaged 

But now it appears Mika and Joe are claiming they have been the victims of an exhortation attempt, that involves Donald Trump, The National Enquirer and White House Staffers. Yikes!

This story is bizarre. Why would anyone go to the trouble, as it seemed, for years, Joe and Mika were attracted to each other? Their announcement in  May only confirmed what was to many a forgone conclusion, Mika and Joe, were or would be intimately involved at some point. 

Brzezinski and Scarborough cowrote an Opinion piece in The Washington Post, Donald Trump is not well that was meant to responded to Trump's tweet-storm that involved the them. Apparently Brzezinski and Scarborough have been feuding with Donald Trump for a year. 



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