Nikki Finke and Jay Penske Back Together, Again

Wow! Just wow. TCC did not see Nikki Finke's return to coming. Ear was not to the ground on this. Apparently Finke was about to "start a new column with Mediaite", and despite Jay Penske's past public squabbles (lawsuits) with Finke, Penske was not about to let this lengandry hollywood writer set up shop anywhere else. Penske reportedly made a "massive offer", which Finke obviously accepted. Over the years there have been many rumors and stories concerning the Finke/Penske fallout/relationship, even a supposed film in the works.

More on Nikki Finke and Jay Penske

Penske purchased Deadline.Com from Finke in 2009. However, after what were reported to be editorial disputes, Finke left the company she started in 2013. Finke's job may be breaking news and using that sledge hammer (that is her words) to put those young hollywood moguls (please consult with your predecessors) in their place. TCC only hopes Finke won't be camera shy this time around!


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