MSNBC Parting Ways with Melissa Harris-Perry

Two days after an email Melissa Harris-Perry wrote to her staff, that was made public, Harris-Perry is out at MSNBC. According to media accounts, an MSNBC spokesperson confirmed they are "parting ways" with Harris-Perry.  There was little doubt that MSNBC executives Andy Lack and Phil Griffin would take being held up to ridicule, over what they deemed a programming decision, without taking action against Harris-Perry.

Melissa Harris-Perry Reacts to 'M.H.P'' Show Pre-Emption 

The former host didn't seem to buy the "M.H.P" show was pre-empted solely for presidential campaign coverage. Harris-Perry seemed to suggest the larger motive was to effect "dramatic change.... ", "editorial tone and racial composition of MSNBC's on-air coverage". MSNBC has been in the process of retooling and moving away from opinion programming to hard news to compete with CNN for higher ratings. In Harris-Perry's tweet to her fans she acknowledged "inviting new voices to the table was a privilege." Something the former host may have forgotten. It really is all about the ratings. Third parties are, reportedly, working on an exit deal for Harris-Perry.


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