MSNBC in Talks with Keith Olbermann, Really?

Media outlets are reporting that MSNBC is working to bring back Keith Olbermann, previously the host of "Countdown with Keith Olbermann". We're not sure what to make of this (however we're not surprised). Olbermann was controversial and prone to arguments with network executives, but his show was a must-see and generated the networks' highest ratings. So it's no wonder NBC News President Andy Lack is set to meet with Olbermann, and if Olbermann returns to MSNBC it would be a great coup leading into the 2016 Presidential election.  

However bringing Olbermann back, after his exit seemingly ended so bitterly, might signal desperation or at least hand-ringing among the network's executives. MSNBC has been unable to get out of third in the ratings, behind FOX and CNN, and is in the midst of changing its lineup (seemingly from top to bottom). Word is Olbermann would be replacing Chris Hayes, who we always thought over-talked his guests to the point of being annoying, in the 8pm timeslot and would be the lead-in for the "The Rachel Maddow Show". It has been previously reported that Olbermann was responsible for bringing Maddow to MSNBC.

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