UPDATE: Is Brian Williams Returning to NBC?

According to a Chicago Sun-Times report Brian Williams will leave NBC "Nightly News" and join MSNBC.  NBC is expected to announce (on June 18) Lester Holt will be the permanent anchor for NBC "Nightly News".
Would Brian Williams Be The MSNBC Fixer? 

One can only speculate how Williams will fit into MSNBC's current lineup, (even though he would be going full circle) but rumors have been flying for months that a big shakeup was in the works due to lackluster ratings.

Can Change Come To MSNBC Too Late? 
As we speculated back in May, inserting Williams into a nightly slot that mirrors "Nightly News" would probably be a mistake. However, Williams would be plausible to go head-to-head with Wolf Blitzer at CNN. With that said, would NBC be sending the message that Williams isn't good enough for network viewers, but he's good enough for a cable audience? Perhaps with the pressure off, Williams can reinvent himself and MSNBC.  Sometimes going full circle isn't all that bad.


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