NBC News In Crisis Mode?

It seems David Muir, who recently had his first win, among total viewers in 6 years, at the helm of "World News Tonight with David Muir" against NBC's "Nightly News with Brain Williams", has driven NBC News to hold a crisis meeting.

NBC News isn't taking second place, among total viewers, lightly. Perhaps the fall of "Today" from the number one morning show ("Good Morning America" continues to dominate the morning ratings and recently racked up 1 million more viewers than second place Today) is a painful reminder.

However World News Tonight's recent win could be a glimmer of hope for ABC News. Should ABC News dominate the morning ratings and evening news, which would a historical win, NBC News will need more than a crisis meeting. We've always been fond of Brian Williams, as has America, that's why Nightly News was/is number one. Perhaps World News Tonight's recent win is just a case of "new kid on the block". (Yes, we've switched to Muir too!) Uh, oh.... Calling Olivia Pope.... Oh, that's right, she's over at ABC!

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