Is Resolution Becoming A Revolving Door?

The legendary veteran agent and former Chairman of International Creative Management (ICM) Jeff Berg launched Resolution, a talent and literary agency, in January 2013. Now it seems in little more than a year Resolution has become known for its revolving door (with literary and talent agents leaving) and not so much for revolutionizing the agency business.

The latest exit at Resolution is Dennis Kim, veteran TV literary agent, who was wooed away from a boutique agency back in July of 2013. Kim, who is rumored to have left to become a talent manager, joined Resolution to head up the TV Lit department and give the new agency a "toehold in the lucrative TV lit business". It seems a foothold is what was needed.

It's been an unfortunate start for Berg considering he (almost singlehandedly) made ICM a mighty agency for three decades. It's also become almost impossible to get agents of note to come to Resolution with some much uncertainty and high profile exits.

There's also a feeling that some at Resolution are more concerned with youth over gray hairs, but with the gray hairs you often get deep relationships, trench warfare experience and favors owed. Youth has its place, but we think the right gray hairs are essential. Let's hope Bison Capital's investment will help Berg finally get a foothold in the industry again. We're not underestimating the once-mighty powerbroker Jeff Berg!


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