Barbara Walters and Anderson Cooper Land Sterling Interviews

ABC's Barbara Walters scored what seems to be a softball interview with, the wife of embattled Clippers owner Donald Sterling, Shelly Sterling. The body language between Walters and Sterling seems more like "girlfriends", rather than a hard-hitting interview we know Walters is capable of. During the interview, Shelly Sterling implies she is going to divorce her husband (showing "unfilled" papers to prove it) who was caught on tape making racist remarks and banned from the NBA. Donald Sterling, in his sit-down with CNN's Anderson Cooper, argues for forgiveness stating "Am I entitled to one mistake?...." At the same time, Sterling calls out Magic Johnson for not doing enough to "help minorities". Yikes! Some in the media point to a well orchestrated PR campaign, rather than any real remorse on the part of the Sterlings. It seems the Sterlings will not go down without a fight, and Donald Sterling seems prepared to take Magic Johnson with him. Stay tuned.


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