More Rich People For Bravo

Back in October we were talking about Bravo Media to Reinforce Reality, and at the same time, we were hoping Bravo would create programming that would "excite us again". Well, that seems doubtful. Yesterday Bravo unveiled their slate of programs, and once again viewers will be trapped in the, wannabe, I am rich, I will do anything to get a show on Bravo, world of people who often elicit eye-rolling and snarky remarks from viewers.  

We readily admit most of our members currently or previously watched at least four Bravo shows. Yes, we did! However, over the years have we have discovered the term 'familiarity breeds contempt' is especially true for the Real Housewives franchise and Bravo in general. Gone are the days of rehashing and analyzing details of a particular show with friends. Now most comments or social posts are met with dismissive 'sighs' that relay, "I'm over it!" Perhaps in shooting for the lowest common denominator, Bravo is skewed towards an audience who just wants to escape and it doesn't matter where or with whom. We'd just like to see something fresh that is 'out-of-the-box' for Bravo, but viewers are getting more of the same and more of the obvious. Check out the slate of new programming in this Vulture tweet: 


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