We were checking out the cable ratings for the 1st quarter of 2014, just to get an idea of what people are watching. Surprisingly, HGTV is ranked #10 in total day parts. We stopped watching HGTV a long time ago. (Too many house hunting shows!) Obviously, we were alone in that decision.

On the news front, of course Fox News was the top cable news station. MSNBC came in 27th for primetime ("The Rachel Maddow Show" being the highest rated show for MSNBC) and 28th for total day. (This was also the lowest quarter for MSNBC's "Morning Joe".  We're not sure why, but we had to stop watching MJ. We thought the show's formatting  seemed to be all over the place with little direction and the "conversations" became noise.)

CNN placed 35th for primetime and 30th for total day. (Hopefully, CNN's Jeff Zucker's experimenting is still ongoing.) The top ten cable networks for total day and primetime are listed below.    


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