The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same - Bill Cosby Is Still Relevant: VIDEO

Even a throwaway line at his intimate SXSW (South by Southwest Festival in Austin) show drew a big laugh for veteran comedian Bill Cosby. It's amazing how Cosby has managed to remain relevant and part of the comedy conversation for close to 50 years. Over the years Cosby has been criticized for making comments some community leaders felt were not helpful. Cosby has also spoken out against comedians who feel the need to use "vulgar" language to be funny. What ever you think about Cosby, he's still funny and he keeps it clean. Here in a video titled "Chocolate Cake for Breakfast" Cosby gives us a vignette of husband and wife roles. It's funny and still relatable in 2014! See video below:
Bill Cosby Returns To NBC For Comedy
Bill Cosby on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon 


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