Clutch Crazy Revisit

Fashion Forward

With spring in the air some of our members are warming up to the idea of carrying a clutch (purse). Does that mean we've soured on the ubiquitous tote? Not really, but who wants to lug around a tote (even if your life is in it) when the temperature starts to rise. 

Some women prefer clutches (or no purse at all). However some of our members have found the clutch to be awkward to maneuver. Like when you have to use the restroom or shake a hand while holding something in your other hand! The clutch is actually designed to be carried in your hand or literally clutched under your arm. Carrying a clutch could help develop your muscles, since clutching a small purse under your arm requires constant pressure!

The clutch was also originally designed to be carried in the evening for dressy occasions, however they have become popular as day bags. Trendsetters say it was the influence of Kate Middleton, who carries clutches (a princess doesn't have a lot to carry around), and popularized nude pumps and pantyhose. We've been told, if we're going to try our hand at carrying a clutch, look for a clutch with a detachable strap for versatility


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