Chanel Fall/Winter Collection Youthful and Laid-back

Brand Talk

We were intrigued by Karl Lagerfeld's transformation of the Grand Palais into a Chanel-themed supermarket for the Chanel Fall/Winter RTW collection 2014/15. Quite frankly we weren't sure what we were looking at, when we first saw photos of the extravaganza, until we saw the tweed and it registered, it's Chanel! Leggings with holes in them, glitter on them or under skirts. We suppose this collection will appeal to a more youthful crowd with money to burn. However there are very wearable clothes for women who love the "Chanel" look, but want causal (comfortable) clothes they can, say, shop in. Apparently some of Chanel's Facebook fans find the collection disconcerting. One fan questioned the continuation of sneakers and designs Chanel would never approve of. No matter what you think of the collection, the internet is buzzing about the Chanel runway show! Isn't that all that matters? Anyway, judge for yourself:


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