UPDATE: Ronan Farrow Daily Off To A Slow Start



MSNBC's Ronan Farrow Daily posted even lower ratings than the premiere telecast. The second episode of the show posted 209,000 total viewers compared to 216,000 for the premiere. The targeted adult demo dipped slightly from 46,000 to 45,000. Some in the Conversation Circle feel it's a matter of branding and promotion for Ronan Farrow. He's a lawyer, former government advisor and Rhodes Scholar, but what is his brand? Ronan Farrow's persona must surface if viewers are to be interest enough to tune in.


The Ronan Farrow Daily show premiered on February 24 as one of (Jansing & Co is the other) the least watched shows on MSNBC. Only 46,000 of the show's viewers were in the targeted adult demographic (25-54) and the telecast was down 51% from the 1pm February average.
We're not sure if it's a time slot issue for Farrow or if the show hasn't hit the right mix of social and traditional media promotion. Farrow's brand isn't clear either, but we were impressed by him as a contributor on MSNBC.  Farrow, who is extremely knowledgable and articulate, may need to define his brand more so "viewers know what to expect".  We also hope MSNBC will invest in the right mix of promotion to help drive up the numbers.

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