The Long Goodbye For Mad Men

AMC, following their strategy for the final season of Breaking Bad, has decided to air Mad Men's (which launched their Original Series brand) final season in two installments. The first 7 episodes (The Beginning) will run in spring 2014 and the final 7 (The End of An Era) will air spring 2015. Creator Matthew Weiner believes the two installments for the final season will allow him to create a "more elaborate story."
We're not sure if it feels like prolonging the death of someone who is near and dear to you or if it's the feeling of not wanting to let go. Bad boy Don Draper has become part of conscious, as have the other cast members. We discuss the shows as they air and the day after. We hope Weiner will find a life for some of these characters somewhere (as Sex in the City did). We want to know if Don Draper becomes an ultra-right republican in his old age.

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