Okay, we're on a shopping roll. We've been all over the internet trying to beef up our fall looks. Most of us are just adding pieces.  Some, due to weight loss or gain, are replacing. Along with shopping, most in The Conversation Circle regularly use Facebook. It's a little break between the hunt for the perfect item and an easy way to get through that never-ending NewsFeed! However, we've noticed the items we've left in the retailer's shopping bag are following us to Facebook. When it first happened to one of our members last year, she was truly gobsmacked.  It took her a few minutes to realize that item in the ad was the same item she just put in a shopping bag, but didn't purchase. She went back to the retailer's site to confirm.  In the end, she said it was a little creepy. Most of us are very familiar with E-stalking now, however some members in the CC have said they've decided not to shop with retailers who follow them around the internet. Still others have the constant annoyance of having to remove cookies after visiting sites they think have a "partnership" with Facebook. We're not planning to stop shopping on the internet, we're just planning to manage our cookies.


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