Can Better Apps Increase Profits for Retailers?

The Conversation Circle has talked about clothing retailers, Time To Refine Retailer Return Policies,  in the past. Mainly because we have several members who love to bargain shop and a few who only shop online. Today our time-pressed online shopper tried to make a quick purchase, on her iPad, for a pair of boots (no longer available at her preferred retailer) from Bloomingdales.

First she tried to use the Bloomingdales app she download (previously) onto her iPad. After waiting and waiting for the "searched" item to load, she tried to input her loyalist information, then got: information could not be found. She called the 800 number (as directed) only to be told the information was correct. She went back to the iPad. Nope. Didn't work. At this point she deleted the app and turned to her computer. The long and short of it was, it took numerous attempts to make one purchase.

From our experience, great apps increase the likelihood of an online shopper making a purchase (intended or impulse.) Nordstrom, for example, has a great app. It's designed well and has been updated numerous times. The app encourages browsing and the wish list makes you feel like it's in the bag (so why not purchase it.) The ease of shopping on it is frightening! Bad retailer apps are an annoyance and waste of time. Hopefully more retailers will catch up with shoppers and develop better apps.


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