Summer Love Affair with Linen

J. Crew 
Every summer several members of the CC go on the hunt for a linen piece. Linen is one of the oldest textiles in the world. It also wrinkles like crazy, especially if it’s unlined and unstructured! Wearing linen can leave you looking like a tourist whose luggage has been lost. However, if you live in an area where summers can be hot, sticky and oppressively humid, linen is your best option because of its ability to absorb moisture and dry
Ralph Lauren
quickly. Lately linen and cotton blends have become popular, but we like 100% good quality linen. There’s a certain drape to linen that, even when wrinkled, is classy and chic. It’s reminds us of an old comfortable shoe.  Several decades ago, at least on the east coast, you knew it was summer when men pulled out their white or tan linen suits. This is not the case so much anymore. We’re not sure if it’s the need to look polished, even in the summer, or the avoidance of looking like you had an impromptu sleepover! Whatever the reason, we’re hoping linen’s glory days return. Perhaps consumers will make the flax connection and see linen as a natural option over man-made materials. It’s easy to care for and machine washable (we’ve washed lined linen with great results). So when summer rolls around we can’t wait to pull out the linen. We love the rumpled, but confidently chic look linen gives you.  


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