The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The drama began again last week and we were not disappointed. The first episode of the new season ended with a yelling match between Sheree and a PR executive, which included epithets being hurled and the executive being dragged from a conference room nearly foaming at the mouth.

This scene, while unfortunate, left many of the CC in tears – from laughing so hard. Why? Primarily because Sheree, who had spent most of last season claiming she grew up in an upper-middle class environment, seemed more like NeNe. No shocker. Her veneer of class had been demolished by her behavior at her ‘birthday party’ last season. The conference room episode only confirmed that view for the CC. Scenes from tonight’s episode appeared to show Sheree trying to pull on Kim’s wig. We can’t wait to see what Kim’s response will be. At times, Kim (no innocent) appears to be prey being pursued by a pack of hyenas.

While the show is entertaining and allows one to passively engage in gossip, cattiness and backbiting we wonder if just one housewife can fill the role DeShawn played last season. DeShawn, while seemingly naive at times, largely remained self-possessed. Now that’s class and what a great lesson! However, we in the CC admit this franchise is a guilty pleasure. A new episode airs tonight on Bravo.


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