MAD MEN scores 2.76 Million Viewers

AMC’s Mad Men, a CC favorite, drew 33% more viewers on Sunday night than last season’s opener. This show has some of the best writing on television. The drama, interlaced with historical context, is at time gripping.

As far as demos are concerned, Mad Men increased adult viewers 25-54 by 83% and delivered 1.24 million 18-49, which is a 76% improvement over last year.

Prior to the season’s opener, Mad Men maintained a heavy presence on the social networking sites. On one site various marketing tools, including a neat application that allows you to ‘Mad Men Yourself’ (it’s reminiscent of dressing paper dolls) are used. After Sunday night’s posting it would appear that AMC and executive producer Matthew Weiner are now BFF. We in the CC cannot wait until next Sunday at 10:00. Who will drink to that?


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