Sunday Night Programming and More

After the evening news, we have a favorite, but we are not saying, we started flipping for something, anything interesting. Okay, we stopped at SNL – The Best of Tracy Morgan. The skit was The Brian Fellow’s Show. The line “That bird is not funny.” Neither was Brian Fellow. Ghetto Guy/Girl characters are tiresome and GG showed up in more skits. We had to change the channel. This programming is cost effective for NBC, but it felt old and so yesterday. ABC was running AFV, we know many YouTube people who like this show, but we settled on 60 Minutes. In these troubled times it seems cool again.
That does not apply to all in the CC. There were those who were watching HBO, reading a book, because there was nothing on, according to them, or getting ready for tomorrow. Oh, right and one person who drove around for two hours, family in tow, looking for a restaurant (so much for the recession) all could agree on, of course that did not happen. They returned to leftovers in the refrigerator. We cannot wait for the return of Mad Men. Scripted programming is not dead!


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